7 Most Common Sex Party Mistakes To Avoid

Have you ever heard of the phrase “sex party”?

Most probably, some of you were already invited to a sex party. It’s indeed intimidating, and you’ll certainly experience new things here.  But before you attend one, make sure to do a simple legwork. To get the most out of the experience, learn these seven common sex party mistakes you need to avoid:


Mistake #1 – Not cleaning yourself before going to the event.

In sex parties, (also known as group sex or orgies) participants are naked. They share many things such as saliva, space, and partners.

So for those who want to join a sex party, it’s an unspoken rule to at least brush your teeth and take a shower before hooking up with random strangers. Wash up first! Pick good attire which will flaunt your curves and physical assets.

Mistake #2 – Wearing heavily scented perfumes.

Some people may be sensitive or allergic to certain substances or chemicals. Thus, during the get-to-know-each-other stage, ask your potential play partner if they are allergic to substances like latex and perfume. Keep in mind that strong perfume can cause someone a headache and may ruin an exciting (and naughty) night.

Mistake #3 – Arriving sick.

Don’t you dare to come around if you have flu! If you’re not feeling well, it’s best to stay at home, pleasure yourself through a solo sex and take plenty of rest.  Not only that, you should not attend if you just got a new tattoo, stitches or oozing wounds.


Mistake #4 – Breaking the rules.

Usually, sex clubs impose house rules posted around the area. There are instances that participant may require to give verbal consent or sign a waiver, confirming they will adhere instructions. If not, the club/organizer will ask you to leave the place immediately.

Mistake #5 – Not complimenting people around you.

Don’t be too self-conscious or nervous at sex parties. Whether you are too shy or it’s your first time to attend, always be human, friendly and gentle. As much as you can, compliment other people’s breast, skin, costumes, and tattoos. This way, they will be more encouraged to play in bed with you.

Mistake #6 – Not respecting others.

Sex parties could be overwhelming, especially for first-timers. Some of them may be present because they just want to observe, converse and sit.

If they do not like to take the plunge with you, it is alright. Respect their decision.


Mistake #7 – Not getting any consent.

It’s a big no-no when you are attending a sex party. Always ask permission if you’re planning to do something to your partner. Ask permission like “May I give you a massage?” or “Can I touch your lovely shoulder?” You may also ask through this way “Would that be fine with you?” or “Would you like to watch while we’re having sex?”

While events like sex parties are quite secretive, you can still find several communities who love to do this thing. But remember, don’t jump right away without preparing and doing private research about it.