5 Ways To Heal A Sexless Marriage Sex

What comes to your mind once you hear sexless marriage?

Most of us shudder. But little did we know that couples under sexless marriage suffer too much from the consequence of the situation. No one even knows why and how the burning desires suddenly banished from their married life.

Let’s not focus on that. Instead, let’s focus on how you’ll renew your sex life and marriage.

1. Identify the cause and talk about it.

Sexless marriage won’t suddenly happen in our life.  But, it can be just one of the challenges that you need to overcome in order to deepen your relationship.  Why don’t you try to recall where it all began? Prior to resolving your issues, you should know first its root cause.

2. Evaluate yourself.

Healing should start with yourself.  Try to ask and evaluate yourself on why you end up in this situation. This may include asking yourself questions such as “Is it my fault? Am I not good enough? Did I treat my spouse right? These questions will let you assess your past experiences and your behavior towards your partner.

3. Learn how to fight skillfully.

Fights are inevitable between two individuals living under one roof. No matter how certain fights are, experts say that the results of these fights must not weaken the relationship but strengthen it. Couples having a healthy marriage do fight yet they are doing it skillfully where it leaves the bond stronger. By skillfully means that the couples are using certain techniques that do not result damage on the relationship, but instead, finding ways in improving it once the fight is over and the issues are being resolved.

A technique in a skillful fight is the right choice of their words. Couples who are able to fight skillfully tend to make use of plural pronouns like “us,” “ours,” and “we” instead of singular ones. This results in feeling less stressed out right after an argument. It shows that with the argument, the couples are still connected and are aligning themselves being under the same team or sides.

4. Spice up again your marriage.

When you already know that everything is okay and it feels like home once again, this must be the perfect time for you to connect and express intimacy. Feel again the relief and beauty coming from the loving touch of your lover.

Your main objective here is to make a home along with your children, wherein you would feel appreciated, loved and valued. Take note that even small things matter most.

5. Enjoy the company of each other again.

The main reason why you are now married is that you have spent years with each other as a couple and you are looking forward spending more years together. To prevent any challenges from straining your relationship, the very first technique or strategy that you must keep in mind is that, you must continue enjoying each other’s company.

The idea is really simple. You are married because you like being together, talking together, and just doing anything together. Spending time with each other is key to keeping a healthy and happy married life.